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Compliance with HIPAA Laws and standards does not need to be complicated. Axiom Technologies proudly offers HIPAA compliance consulting services and HIPAA compliance support to businesses in Westside, FL. Our expert HIPAA compliance consultants can provide support with your annual audits as well. This solution will not only grant you the foundation for complying with HIPAA standards but will also future-proof your organization for further data security guidelines and regulations.

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Let us address your HIPAA compliance today,
and for the upcoming years.

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act date back to 1996 when lawmakers signed the law to improve the portability and accountability of health insurance coverage for employees between jobs. Later on April 2005, the HIPAA security rule came in force and enforced three security safeguards – administrative, physical and technical – that must be adhered to in full in order to comply with HIPAA. The safeguards had the following goals:

  • Administrative – to create policies and procedures designed to clearly show how the entity will comply with the act.
  • Physical – to control physical access to areas of data storage to protect against inappropriate access
  • Technical – to protect communications containing PHI when transmitted electronically over open networks

Nowadays, HIPAA compliance requires these from your organization. We can help you attain compliance by completing these areas of concern, depending on what your firm needs.


HIPAA requires that you conduct annual audits of your business to assess Administrative, Technical, and Physical gaps in compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security standards.

Remediation Plans

Once you’ve identified gaps, you must implement remediation plans to fix your vulnerabilities.

Policies, Procedures, and Employee Training

To avoid HIPAA fines and violations in the future, you need to develop Policies and Procedures to address each of the HIPAA regulatory standards. Annual staff training with legal attestation on these Policies and Procedures is also required, in addition to HIPAA 101 training.


Your business must document all efforts that you take to become HIPAA compliant. This documentation is critical during a HIPAA investigation with HHS and must be maintained for 6 years.

Business Associate Management

You must document all vendors with whom you share PHI, and execute Business Associate Agreements to ensure PHI is handled securely and to mitigate liability.

Incident Management

If your business does happen to have a data breach, you must have procedures in place to track, investigate and report the breach to Axiom.

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