Have you tested your backups this quarter? The number one reason why ransomware is so effective is untested or ineffective backups. How often have you restored your data to make sure what your backing up is good? It’s a really bad day when you fall back to your backups only to discovered they have corrupted data inside and while the verification process is saying the data is ok the reality is quite the opposite.

Another thought people don’t think about is how the restore of the data will impact their business.  It’s not very helpful if your backups will take almost two days to get a fully restored and the process will shut your business down. This can be the insult to the injury and is often overlooked. When we do our disaster assessment for our clients, we dig into what’s our clients goals for uptime and what is actable scenarios for restoration. Reach out to use today to find out more info in how we can keep you safe and provide peace of mind.