Ahhh… workstations. How unfortunate that they aren’t like fine wine—that they don’t get better with age.

Trying to save money by not purchasing new computers can end up costing more money in the long run. Hard to believe but true.

It’s a well-known fact that workstations start to become obsolete after about 4 years.  If the person is a power user, it can be even sooner than that. Once systems pass their fourth birthday they can cost an employee an average of 30 minutes per day having to wait on processing requests. Thirty minutes might not seem much, but consider that it equates to two weeks of lost labor per year as an employee waits on the bar going from left to right. Think of how much that costs your company over time. Two weeks would most likely more than pay for a new workstation. The decreased efficiency and wasted productivity only gets worse as the years move on.

The big culprit that causes the slowness is the increase in program size as time progresses. Microsoft Office’s 2010 default install size was 750Mb but Microsoft Office 2016 is 2.1Gb (2,100 Mb) in size and this applies across the board to applications like Adobe, Internet Explorer, Anti-virus and more.

Over time as the programs grow, an older system simply doesn’t have the resources to keep up and this results in a traffic jam on your pc. This drives your user’s efficiency down day after day and it doesn’t take into account the added issues that come with aging equipment such as crashing and expiring warranties.

Contact us to do an audit of your equipment to help you see where some of your efficiency is being lost. We will even give you a detailed computer inventory to help with planning and budgeting.