Looking for MSP for CMMC?

The cybersecurity landscape is continually evolving, with regulatory frameworks like CMMC 2.0 (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) becoming increasingly crucial for organizations. CMMC aims to enhance the cybersecurity posture of businesses in the defense industrial base by protecting the confidentiality of controlled unclassified information (CUI.)  

CMMC is a complex and arduous undertaking for any organization, consisting of 110 different controls and 320 assessment objectives impacting everything from technology to security, and business operations. As a result, many organizations are seeking help with implementing these safeguards.  

This article provides insights into how a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help with CMMC compliance and outlines key considerations for selecting the most suitable provider. 

Do You Need an MSP for CMMC Compliance? 

As CMMC compliance becomes more intricate, the expertise and support of an MSP can be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the certification process. An MSP specializing in compliance can streamline your efforts, ensuring that your organization meets the required cybersecurity standards and is well-prepared for assessments. 

Key Considerations When Selecting an MSP 

As organizations grapple with the complexities of CMMC 2.0 compliance, choosing the right MSP becomes a pivotal decision. Here are crucial factors to consider when selecting an MSP to ensure seamless navigation through the intricacies of the CMMC framework: 

1. Expertise in CMMC Requirements 

The foundation of a successful compliance journey rests on the expertise of your chosen MSP. Look for a provider with specialized knowledge and experience in CMMC requirements.  

Their understanding should not only be cursory but comprehensive, ensuring that your organization is not just compliant but aligned with the specific cybersecurity measures outlined in the CMMC framework. This expertise becomes particularly vital as the certification process involves adherence to specific security controls and maturity processes. 

2. Proven Track Record 

Assessing the track record of an MSP is akin to gauging their reliability and competence in navigating the intricacies of the CMMC framework. Delve into their history of assisting organizations with compliance.  

A provider with a proven track record, showcasing successful certifications and satisfied clients, instills confidence in their ability to guide your organization effectively. Request references and case studies that highlight their achievements in CMMC compliance, providing tangible evidence of their capabilities. 

3. Range of Services 

CMMC compliance is not a one-time endeavor but a continuous process demanding a comprehensive service suite. Select an MSP that offers a diverse range of services tailored to compliance. This should encompass initial risk assessments, strategic security planning, implementation of requisite controls, ongoing monitoring, and valuable assistance during audits. 

4. Has the MSP Embarked on Their Own CMMC Journey? 

MSPs play a critical role in the organizations they partner with, and we’re trusted with an incredible amount of access to systems. The DoD recognizes this reality as well. As a result, MSPs that may encounter the data that CMMC governs may be required to achieve their own CMMC compliance posture.  

As a result, it’s absolutely critical that organizations working with CMMC that are considering an MSP ask whether the MSP is compliant themselves or are working towards compliance. If they are not, this could pose a risk to your own compliance posture.  

MSP Evaluation Checklist 

Selecting the right MSP for compliance involves a thorough evaluation of their capabilities and alignment with your organization’s specific needs. To make an informed decision, consider asking the following questions: 

  1. How do they stay updated on CMMC changes? 
  2. Can they provide references from clients with similar compliance needs? 
  3. What tools and technologies do they use for compliance? 
  4. Are they working on their own CMMC compliance posture? 
  5. Can they support you through your CMMC assessment? 
  6. What does their Shared Responsibility Matrix look like? 
  7. How do they tailor their services to meet your organization’s specific needs? 
  8. What is their incident response plan in case of a cybersecurity breach? 
  9. How do they ensure data privacy and confidentiality? 

Choose Axiom for Your CMMC Journey 

As you work on becoming compliant, selecting the right MSP is paramount. Axiom, with its proven track record, comprehensive range of services, and expertise in CMMC requirements, stands as a reliable partner.  

By consistently staying updated on CMMC changes and offering continuous support, Axiom ensures that your organization not only achieves but also sustains CMMC compliance. Contact Axiom today to fortify your cybersecurity defenses and navigate the complexities of CMMC with confidence.