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At Axiom, we’re dedicated to making your life easier through technology. That’s why we produce weekly webinars showing you how to use tech more efficiently to simplify your work and daily life.

Our webinars give free training from industry experts on all different aspects of technology, from how to use tools like Microsoft Teams to frequently asked tech questions to security practices that will make your systems safer. Take a look at our archive below to learn more!

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Aug 04, 2020
The Faces Behind Axiom- Jackie

At the start of this year, we gained a great new addition to our team. Jackie is our project manager and keeps everyone in line. We love the energy she brings to our team and she always keeps us on track. I am sure many of you have already chatted…

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Jul 28, 2020
Searching In Teams Chats

During this video, we discuss how to search for certain messages through Teams chats and channels. Microsoft has made it even easier to search back through messages. We encourage you to watch this video and share it with others who you feel will benefit. Comment down below if you have…

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Jul 16, 2020
Microsoft Outlook For Beginners

We are going back to the basics AGAIN! We are so excited to continue this highly requested webinar about the basics of Microsoft Outlook with a part 2. We will be discussing how to schedule emails in advance, create a shared folder, and more. This is the perfect webinar for…

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