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Sep 27, 2019
Do You Backup Your Machines?

Have you tested your backups this quarter? The number one reason why ransomware is so effective is untested or ineffective backups. How often have you restored your data to make sure what your backing up is good? It’s a really bad day when you fall back to your backups only…

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Sep 06, 2019
Win The Fight

The first step in winning a fight is knowing you are in one. This might seem obvious, but many companies fall victim to it every day. They operate their business without having the right security coverage for their users. Just because you have not had your data compromised in the…

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Aug 30, 2019
3G Services Are Shutting Down

AT&T and Verzion Are Shutting Down 3G Network It was just announced in a filing that AT&T is shutting down their 3G network in early 2022. This was announced very soon after Verizon explained that they would be shutting down their 3G networks at the end of 2019. They both…

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