Sometimes the wait is all worth it!

We became aware of Veeam years ago when they only provided backup solutions for Enterprise VMWare virtual servers. The product was truly impressive because of the consistency and speed that it offered, but at the time they could not work directly with our products.

Over the years Veeam has continued to add solutions but they still did not have a managed solution partner program… until late last year. Fast forward to today and we have been testing their partner solution for the last six months and it has worked so well that we have expanded our backup offerings to include Veeam.

One of the most interesting offerings for backups is the full image solution. It gives the ability to send a full image of the server to a secure facility off-site. If a local server were to fail and repairing wasn’t feasible, we can restore the whole server onto one of our backup servers waiting on standby and bring it out to a client’s location. This will allow the client to continue to work and allow time to acquire new equipment or explore cloud options without having to be under the pressure of extensive downtime.

These are just some of the options we have available. Please contact Axiom to have your current backup solution evaluated.