A couple of weeks ago, Axiom participated in a team building exercise to help us continue our growth as a company and strengthen communication skills under pressured situations. We chose to do an Escape Room. This is something that has been sweeping the country the last few years. Participants are locked in a room where they must work, as a team, to accomplish the common goal of escaping. In order to do so, everyone must communicate, discover puzzles, solve riddles and keep a clear head as the one hour timer is counting down adding to the stress.  We choose to do “Dr. Watson’s Infirmary” at  The Great Escape Room  where we were challenged with saving a patient by giving it a heart transplant. For this event, we choose to not only include the team but our wives as well.

One of the coolest parts about this exercise is that not only do we see how we work as a team, you could also see how everyone contributed equally, in their own way. While others were great at finding pieces around the room, the others were solving puzzles left and right. It is so important to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to know how to properly lead a team.

I would strongly encourage trying out an escape room with your team at least once and The Great Escape Room was great and a fantastic experience. We will definitely be attending again soon.


In case you were wondering, “Dr. Watson’s Infirmary” has a fail rate of 75% so it was no cake walk, but of course your Axiom team crushed it and escaped with just over 11 minutes to spare. What a team! Afterwards, we went out to eat and enjoyed a great meal telling stories and reminiscing about the challenge.