Data theft and web threats are dangerous for any organization. They can taint your brand’s image, lead to loss of revenue, and cost a significant amount to resolve. Having proper security measures in place can help keep your company’s data secure. The following 3-step approach to layered security can help in data protection.

Protect Your Internet Privacy

Internet security consists of practices to protect activities and transactions done over the internet. One of the internet security measures you can take to ensure proper data protection is dark web scanning. A dark web scan involves searching the dark web to determine if your personal data is in the databases of stolen personal information. If your personal information is on the dark web, take the following actions to help minimize the damage.

  • Change your passwords
  • Notify your financial services providers
  • Monitor your credit card statements
  • Freeze your credit

Encrypting email messages is also a great way to protect your company’s data as it prevents third-party data breaches. For further protection, invest in spam protection for your company. Spam protection helps detect unwanted emails containing viruses. You can also use DNS protection to blacklist dangerous sites and filter unwanted content to prevent malware from reaching your network. DNS protection will block access to malicious sites, malware, and viruses.

Make Your Network Secure

Network protection will help protect your data by reducing the attack surface of your devices. It helps you avoid dangerous domains that host malicious content on the internet. You should provide secure guest internet access in addition to employing a software firewall to protect servers and workstations from guest network traffic.

Another option is using Gateway Anti-Virus to find viruses and block threats before they reach your network. For proper data protection, perform compliance scans to locate and assess vulnerabilities in your system.

Secure remote access options will prevent unauthorized access to a specific account or network, thereby preventing data loss. Additionally, make sure to use secure remote access to create varying levels of authorization for different employees. Furthermore, you can use geographic firewall filtering to block connections from specific geographic locations per your preferences to protect your network security.

Protect User Data

To protect your company’s data, invest in breach detection systems. These systems will help you identify active threats and alert you so that you can quickly take action. Anti-phishing software can also help identify phishing content, prevent phishing attacks, or ease the impact of a phishing attack.

For further user protection, you can use nexus patching to make changes to a program by updating or improving it. This will help you fix security vulnerabilities. Lastly, enterprise antivirus software can protect you against malicious software such as phishing, worms, or Trojans before they cause any damage to your data. It will give your company protection against many kinds of threats.

Data protection is important as it prevents third parties from accessing your company’s private data and using it for fraud. Data protection will also help your company stay ahead of the competition, ensure proper business management, and reduce development costs.

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