As you know we just wrapped up our 3rd Qtr. Phishing Campaign through IRONSCALES. You should have received a report on how your company fared. If you have any questions about the campaign, please let us know. Our plan is to run these campaigns once a quarter and we will vary the level of training based upon how well your users perform.  

During the campaign, we saw a dramatic increase in ticket volume. Lots of people forwarded questionable emails to Axiom. While it was good to question the email’s validity, we would much rather see 100% of people reporting a suspicious email in IRONSCALES. The simple act of reporting something suspicious could prevent someone else from clicking on something they should not. Unfortunately, we had people that clicked on links and even entered sensitive information. If this was not a phishing campaign this could have been dangerous.  

So now what…

Here are some helpful tips to share with your staff 

  1. Check the email address 
  1. Check for banners (Outside your organization) 
  1. Check links (where are they pointing?) 
  1. Is there context? Misspellings?  
  1. Are you expecting an email with an attachment? Normal format? 

Report, Report, Report 

Here’s a link to our IRONSCALES Training Video: 

Join us for our 4th Qtr Security Training on 11/15/23 at 12pm 

  • Reminder, the 4th Qtr Phishing Campaign will kick off a week after the training (for everyone)