The Y2K Scare

In the year 1999, computer programmers and users feared that their computers would stop working at the turn of the century. Everyone was being warned and told to shut down their machines so that their computers did not freak out when the clock changed to 12am on January 1st of 2000. This scare was known as a few different names like the Y2K Bug, Year 2000 Bug, and the Millennium Bug. The scare was also not just a concern for computer. It was also an issue for anything containing a computer chip like elevators and even medical equipment.
While one of our engineers was on site, he noticed an interesting sticker on a machine. On the sticker was a reminder from Best Buy that said to remember to turn off your machine before midnight. It was so funny to see this blast from the past. We, here at Axiom, remember this crazy time for computer companies everywhere. It is also great to reflect on how far we have come with technology in this century. I believe we are witnessing some amazing chances and advances in this world, due to technology.

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