It is important to not get distracted by all the negatives in a work environment and try to find happiness in what you do. We try our best to bring that happiness in our work place at Axiom. It’s always good to have a couple of laughs throughout the day to keep the day bright and we love to do that through our emails and groupchats!

When it comes to group chats, we are definitely pros at it here at Axim. It is important to keep in contact with each other throughout the day to make sure work is being done efficiently, but it can sometimes get boring in group chats and thats why we like to make it interesting. We use Microsoft Teams to keep connected and sometimes we like to make some jokes. In the picture to the left, you can see a pair of headphones all bundled up and knotted. We like to joke around with Shawn because he always seems to be untangling his headphones when we see him. Maybe we need to introduce him to AirPods!

We also like to send funny emails and reminders during the work day and Bobby is great at keeping this tradition going. Sometimes, we have to solve some hard problems in the IT world and it’s not always so fun, but it is important to keep on a smile. We, at Axiom, can tell you that memes can easily bring that smile on someone’s face even when that person might be frustrated. We really do love what we do and we do what we love.

Think about your work environment. How could you make someone smile today and make the office a little bit brighter? Work can be boring, but it also can be fun if you set your mind to it. I hope we can continue to keep our smiles on at Axiom and become great examples of how you can really have fun at work and love what you do.