Did you know that our CEO, Bobby, has a hidden talent? He is an “at-home” barista! Bobby’s daughter, Kaleigh, started working at Starbucks in high school and fell in love with coffee. She asked for an espresso machine for Christmas to continue practicing at home and “Santa” made it happen. Kaleigh started making coffee for herself and her family at home. Bobby would call Kaleigh his personal barista, but she wasn’t home all the time. He asked Kaleigh to teach him the ways of the coffee force so that he could make himself a delicious beverage, even when she wasn’t around.

Bobby has continued to master his barista skills to this day. He even brings it to client’s offices on special occasions. He really enjoys making coffee and loves how it brought him and his daughter closer together. You can see him show his coffee at the beginning of every webinar and, yes, he made it himself. Maybe if you send him a kindly worded email, he will bring his espresso machine to your office and make lattes for your team!