Axiom would not be what it is today without our incredible team. They work together to conquer every ticket that comes in. We are always thrilled to add new engineers to the team that bring such an enthusiastic and determined energy. This is exactly what Alanna brings to our workplace. Alanna joined the Axiom team a few months ago and we are so excited to introduce you all to her.

Alanna is from Texas and was an Operations Lead for an overseas missile program, which included IT. When asked what technology means to her, she shared:

“Technology means everything from efficiency to comfort. Whether it’s having the ability to communicate in seconds over long distance, watch your baby from another room or something as simple as starting your car from inside the house when it’s cold outside; technology makes it possible.”

Alanna is excited to join the Axiom team because she will be surrounded by people who enjoy IT as much as she does. She likes how well the team works together and how every day brings new and exciting IT challenges to conquer. At Axiom, we are mission focused, ready to not just fix an issue, but solve it. Alanna is going to fit right in and she is an exceptional addition to the team.

We are excited to watch Alanna grow and excel at Axiom. If you get a chance to talk to her over the phone or on site, make sure to introduce yourself!