I don’t go to inappropriate websites, so I shouldn’t have to worry about getting viruses from my web surfing, right? Unfortunately, no. In fact, the main stream adult film industry is actually cleaning up their act so more people visit their sites. Most viruses occur when users visit a site that was unknowingly hacked and infected with malicious code. They aren’t always your typical problem sites that are associated with getting viruses. These sites could be small office supply companies or even accounting web forums. The hackers want to make money so they go where the users are at. It has gotten so much worse over the years. Hackers sell exploit kits that can simply be injected into websites. The hackers don’t even have to stay current with the most effective tricks. It’s almost as simple as a Netflix subscription.

It’s no longer enough to just run anti-virus software and periodically update your computer. These malware kits are so sophisticated that they don’t just use one type of attack. They will pepper the system with various methods, practically guaranteeing the system will be infected. All this can be avoided if your machines are professionally managed and updated.

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