At the start of this week, our team tackled a huge task. One of our clients, came to us saying that they were relocating to a brand-new building. It was clear to us that they had IT projects that were needed to be done during this move. They needed machines, servers, and more moved from one location to the other. Then, all the equipment needed to be set back up to how it was at the previous location. This was not a task for your average movers.

So, we agreed to take on the mission and try to make our clients as happy as possible in the process. It was the biggest supply move we have ever done at Axiom and it went very well. This is a great example of what you can accomplish with an efficient and determined team. When our company was created, we made sure we were not just a technology company, but we were a team. A team of individuals, who all bring unique skills to the table.

As a company, we strive to satisfy all our client’s IT needs and we hope it shows through our work and determination. We are very proud of all our team members involved in the big move and we are excited for the many projects to come.