We wanted to take a minute and let all our clients know we are closely monitoring the track of Hurricane Dorian.  While the foretasted path is not yet firm, we believe we will see some sort of storm impact in our area.  As in previous years, we are enacting our Storm preparedness protocols, which include continuous monitoring of the status of backups for the clients that have them.  We do semi-annual restores of cloud and full-service clients but have begun additional verifications on top of our normal process for those clients that have us monitoring and performing their backups.  We will be in touch as the track of the storm solidifies and will pass along any recommended courses of action. We will also proactively reach out to all our full-service clients once Dorian has passed to help assess any storm-related IT issues.  For all other clients please reach out to us with any issues.  Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions.