We wouldn’t be the company we are today if it weren’t for our staff. They all play a huge role in our clients’ IT needs so It’s only fitting to do a blog series called “The Faces Behind Axiom” to help learn our people better. Today’s blog post will be on our engineer James Albright. James began working for Axiom on January 6th, 2016. Although he has worked for our company for almost 3 years, he has known for many years that he wanted to work with computers. He knew, in middle school, that he wanted to work in IT when his friend introduced him to the game Runes cape. James said ” I liked it so much that my parents bought me my own computer so I could play at home.” The more he began to use the PC, the more he wanted to learn all about. That spark started a fire in him. It’s this drive that caught Bobby’s eye when he was interviewing him years ago and his desire to learn and grown in the industry. When he got to high school, 75% of his elective classes where computer classes. He knew that this would only help him grow towards his goal. When he graduated high school, he studied Networking Systems Administration in college. Once he graduated college, it was time to look for a job and that is when he found Innovative Technology Team, which is now what we know as Axiom. “After meeting Bobby, I knew I wanted to be a part of this company. I knew I would learn more here than I ever would if I got hired at another company” said James. He has capitalized on that opportunity starting off as Jr Engineer and through hard work and dedication moved into the role of Systems Engineer early this year. Currently James is working a long term project for Johnson and Johnson Vistakon helping them with compliance, virtualization and Active Directory. When asked about what he likes about the Axiom he said, “I like the close-knit atmosphere of the company and Bobby’s honest nature and drive to prevent issues from happening, rather than just “throwing a band-aid” on potentially reoccurring situations.” We are so glad to have James on our team. He is such a valuable team player and is a great representation of what we stand for here at Axiom.