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Jul 25, 2018
Axiom Movie Night

On June 22nd, 2018, we, as Innovative Technology Team, put together an amazing event. It was our first ever movie night. An entire theater was sold out to watch a screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but there was a lot more in store. The night was filled with Jurassic…

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Jun 20, 2018
Innovative Technology Team is Changing Their Name

Innovative Technology Team was started in 2002, and over the years we have continually evolved as a company. Helping customers meet their IT challenges is the centerpiece of what we do, and trust is the cornerstone of our business. Therefore, we have decided to rebrand our company to more accurately┬áreflect…

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May 31, 2018
Axiom Partners with Veeam to Offer Premier Backup Solutions

Sometimes the wait is all worth it! We became aware of Veeam years ago when they only provided backup solutions for Enterprise VMWare virtual servers. The product was truly impressive because of the consistency and speed that it offered, but at the time they could not work directly with our…

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